Conditions for transferring copyright

The content provided on this website is covered by copyright.

The transfer by Zenit Football Club of nonexclusive copyright for the requested photographs will be conducted on the basis of a separate contract or agreement concluded in written form with the User.

The User will thereby be given nonexclusive rights for one-time use of the photo material. Any repeat publication, transfer to another information source, or transfer to another party or data base is prohibited without prior agreement from Zenit football club.

Users don’t have the right to provide the transferred photographs for use by third parties, to copy the photo materials, or to archive the materials without the approval of Zenit Football Club.

Any party which agrees to these Conditions agrees to obey the copyright and the author’s rights to his or her name.

The User is obligated to show Zenit’s name (Author/FC Zenit) when using the photo material.

The photograph provided can’t be changed in any way without the prior agreement of Zenit Football Club. The only change that can be made without prior agreement by Zenit Football Club is framing.

The User carries responsibility for making changes in the signature to photo materials of Zenit Football Club. The Club guarantees the correctness of the source and the content of the document provided.

The User carries responsibility for all publication made without the written approval of Zenit Football Club. In the case of unsanctioned repeat use of photo materials of any type, the User is denied non-exclusive rights for the use of all photo materials transferred to him or her from the moment of the non-sanctioned use, and must also pay a fine to Zenit Football Club of RUR50,000 for each such unsanctioned use.

The User must compensate all losses to Zenit Football Club to the full degree, as per the claim made towards the User on the part of the authors or other users of materials due to the User’s violation of the conditions of use of photo materials provided in the Contract.

These Conditions are interpreted in accordance with Russian legislation.

In the case of disagreements arising in connection with these Conditions, or non-fulfillment by the parties of their requirements, then this conflict will be examined in the Arbitrage Court of the city of the St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast..