Our website provides a full-text search. In order to find the photograph you’re interested in, simply write the key words which should be found in the photograph description.

For example: Alves Rubin

This search will result in photo materials where Alves is playing vs. Rubin.

What does the photograph description consist of?

A full photograph description consists of the photograph name, a full description, the photographer’s name, the name of the location where the photo was taken, and a list of key words, including the names of people shown on the photograph.

The search is done for all characteristics of the photograph. For example, you can find all photos made by a certain photographer, or photographs taken in a certain place: It’s enough to write the names of photographers, or places, or people shown in the photograph in the search bar.

For example: Arshavin Moscow

This search will result in photo materials in which Arshavin is shown playing in the city of Moscow.

Search by time when the photograph was taken

In order to find photographs taken at a certain time you can show the dates that interest you. If you show just one date, then photographs will be found which were taken before or after that date. If you show two dates, then the search will give you photographs that were taken during this period of time.

You can thereby search for photographs taken at a certain event, or search through archival and historical materials.

Strict search

Under the search bar there’s a box that, when ticked, turns on the strict search regime. If this box isn’t checked, then the search will give results for which there is at least one key word from the search request, while if it’s checked, then the search will give materials for which all words searched for are present.

When sorting search results by relevance, it is better to turn off strict search, since the most adequate results for the search request made will be at the top of the list in any case.