For individuals

The sale of photo materials with quality sufficient for non-commercial use is done by sending an SMS. Materials are sold both by piece, and as a packet, by subscription for regularly replenished photograph collections.

In order to buy photographs you’re interested in, click on the mobile phone icon which is found under this photograph; show your mobile phone number in the window that opens. After entering the access code you will get the right to download the photograph you paid for.

All photographs are shown in several sizes, including: 1440×1080, 1400×1050, 1280×960 and 1024×768.

For legal entities

The sale of rights to use materials in commercial interests is done as part of the contract reached.

If you represent an organization which plans to use materials from the website, then you can register your legal entity in your profile.

After checking the authenticity of the information provided on your legal entity, you will be given the opportunity to make orders for one or more photographs. After signing a contract you will be given the original copies of the photo materials you ordered.