About the club

Zenit Football Club was established in May, 1925. Originally the club was based at the Leningrad Metal Plant named after Stalin. Starting from 1936 the club was named Stalinets. Zenit got its current name in 1940.

Zenit is the main football club in St. Petersburg. It is also the most popular club in Russia, and, according to independent analysts, is one of the ten most popular football clubs in Europe among fans.

Zenit’s history is unique. Zenit held matches during the Nazi blockade of St. Petersburg for 900 days (1941-1944), and won the Soviet Union Cup in 1944. Zenit won the UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup in 2008. Zenit holds the complete collection of Russian and Soviet titles, from league trophies to national cups and super cups.

Zenit is best known for its style of football. The club’s fans know that their team will always give them the emotion and passion that real fans crave, whether the club is at the top of the tournament table or in the middle of the pack. Zenit’s fans are the team’s 12th man. The club does not allow its players to take the number 12, leaving it forever for the team’s fans instead.

By the end of the 20th century Zenit gradually, step by step, returned the status of Russia’s football capital to St. Petersburg. Zenit was the first team from outside of Moscow to win the Russian Cup, and then the full collection of Russian Premier League awards, as well as European trophies.

There is great interest in Zenit around the world, and the team’s media are extremely popular. The club’s official website was launched in the end of 1998, and gets as many visitors today as all the websites of all other Russian Premier League clubs combined. The club newspaper “Our Zenit” is published weekly with a print run of tens of thousands. The club radio station Radio Zenit has the largest audience in the city among specialized radio stations. The editorial departments of the club’s media give all the news about what’s happening inside and outside the club: Zenit’s journalists, photographers, and video operators work with Zenit everywhere the club goes.

Zenit was the first club in Russia to make its own official pages in the world’s largest Internet social networks. Zenit was the first club in Russia to broadcast its matches through Twitter, and Zenit is proud to be the first in Russia to offer a new service — MediaStore. FC Zenit’s MediaStore provides a way for any fan of the club or photo editor from any media resource to get access to the club’s enormous photo archive, including exclusive photographs and videos which are published in real time. This is another step forward for the club-leader.